PhotonicsViews 5/2019 October/November

PhotonicsViews 16(5), October / November 2019 (Source: Wiley)

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Characterizing spherical, aspherical, free-form lenses with a non-destructive tomographic OCT measuring method for geometrically complex micro-optics (Source: Fh. IPT; cf. Characterizing Spherical, Aspherical, Free-form Lenses,, 9th October 2019)


Lasers Drive Personalized Medicine: New ways to kill cancer, diagnose disease, and do genetics, all require lasers
  • Seppo Orsila (Modulight)
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Product Report

Edmund Optics Features New Products: Beamsplitters and aspheric lenses
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Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 5/2019
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“Invest Time in Learning the Technology of Your Customers and Not Just Your Own”: Some words of wisdom for the next generation of CTOs from Eagleyard’s Dirk Schumann


Additive Manufacturing as a Growth Driver for Air Treatment Technology: Interview with Alexander Jakschik, chairman of the board at ULT
  • Pages: 24-25

Market Report

VCSEL, an Industry Driven by Smartphone and Automotive Applications: Reports by Yole and System Plus Consulting analyze factors that are boosting the market
  • Yole Développement & System Plus Consulting
  • Pages: 26-27

Technology Report

Automation Tools for Packaging and Testing: Guidelines for the manufacturing of the next generation of photonic‐based products
Biophotonics, Medicine, and Medical Device Manufacturing: Recent milestones of evolution in the laser industry
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Medical Applications

UVB LEDs for Medical Phototherapy: LEDs have the potential to become the light source of the future for targeted UVB phototherapy
USP Lasers: Key to Micromachining Miniaturized Medical Devices: Producing precise components by reducing costs

Beam Shaping

Dreams Come True: Application tailored beam profiles @ 1 micron

Laser Welding

Hybrid Solution Moves Boundaries of Copper Welding: Acquiring greater welding penetration depth by connecting blue and red laser light
High Power Fiber Laser Welding with Filler Material: Very good results for welding aluminium, titanium, and high strength nickel alloys achieved with wire or powder feed setups

Ultrashort‐Pulse Laser Applications

Advanced Ultrashort‐Pulse Laser Diagnostics: Deeper insights on pulsed fiber lasers with high‐contrast autocorrelation

Additive Manufacturing

Radio‐Frequency Identification of Metal AM Parts: Feasibility study: Integration of RFID technologies into aluminum, steel, and titanium components manufactured by laser beam melting
Setting Sights on a 3D Process: Extreme high‐speed laser material deposition, or EHLA, is now being developed into an additive manufacturing process

Application Feature

Bin Picking System: Automation of Hot Forming and Laser Cutting Processes
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Application Report

For Higher Coupling Efficiency: Infrared cameras measure precision of laser beams
  • Allied Vision Technologies / Cinogy Technologies
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