OptecNet Germany Elects New Board

Dr. Andreas Ehrhardt, Daniela Reuter, Dr. Horst Sickinger (Source:  OptecNet)

Dr. Andreas Ehrhardt, Daniela Reuter, Dr. Horst Sickinger (Source:

At the annual general meeting of OptecNet Germany eV on May 12, 2015 Göttingen, members have elected a new Civil Code Board: CEO is now Daniela Reuter (Optence eV). Dr. Andreas Ehrhardt (Photonics BW eV) has been found to be Deputy CEO available and Dr. Horst Sickinger (bayern photonics eV) perceives the position of Treasurer.

Dr. Klaus Schindler (OptoNet eV), who worked for many years as CEO for OptecNet Germany, and the former treasurer Dr. Thomas Fahlbusch (PhotonicNet GmbH) no longer stood as a candidate. OptecNet Germany thanked both for their great commitment.
Other board members of OptecNet Germany are statutory managing directors of regional photonics networks: Dr. Thomas Fahlbusch (PhotonicNet eV), Prof. Dr. Dieter Jäger (OpTech-Net eV), Dr. Frank Lerch (OpTecBB eV), Dr. Klaus Schindler (OptoNet eV) and Dr. Thomas Seefeld (Hanse photonics eV).
OptecNet Germany with over 500 companies and research / educational institutions, which are joined together through their membership in the regional innovation networks there, the largest photonics alliance in Germany. Tasks of the national network include, without limitation Marketing and public relations, promotion of start-up companies, for example, by OptecNet Start-up Challenge, which will take place again in 2016 at the exhibition “Optatec” recruitment, international activities and trade joint stands for the members. (Source: OptecNet)

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