OPT Machine Vision Germany Founded

OPT Machine Vision, a global machine vision player (Source: OPT)

With the establishment of OPT Machine Vision GmbH, based in Berlin, the Chinese machine vision specialist OPT is strengthening its position as a globally active provider of innovative high-performance products and services for the industry.

From its locations in Berlin and Stuttgart, OPT Machine Vision GmbH will now offer its customers in Europe more intensive consulting and far-reaching support in the development of specific Machine Vision applications. Particularly in Berlin, the company is developing a new research and development location, and is currently recruiting talented engineers.

“Our competent team is well positioned,” said managing director Sean Wang. “We have brought experienced machine vision experts into the team, who advise our customers individually with great expertise and detailed knowledge of the industry. Furthermore, we are also hiring for technical sales and technical support / FAE positions in EMEA.”

Due to its extensive product portfolio consisting of standard lighting systems as well as application-specific lighting solutions, standard and special lenses, a machine vision software library, a broad range of accessories, and customer-specific services, OPT is now one of the world’s leading providers in the Machine Vision industry. By founding OPT Machine Vision GmbH, OPT gives further positive impetus to its growth in Germany and EMEA.

OPT Machine Vision is a global provider of components for machine vision with a focus on LED illuminations, LED controllers, lenses, industrial PCs, software libraries, and accessories. OEMs and system integrators from all around the world solve their machine vision tasks with the results of the passionate work of more than eight hundred employees. (Source: OPT)

Link: OPT Machine Vision, Changan, Dongguan, China

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