Get Your Hands on Contactless Beam Measurement

Laser Technik Journal visited Ophir Spiricon in Darmstadt. In 2013, the three product lines Ophir, Spiricon und Photon have been merged into the newly established Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH. Today, the company offers the widest selection of precision laser measurement equipment in the European market and has recently announced two new products for the use in industrial environments.

During the visit, LTJ recorded a video interview with Christian Dini, CEO of Ophir Spiricon Europe for the October issue: Get Your Hands on Contactless Beam Measurement, 14 October 2016 | Laser Technik Journal | Interview

The video (in German) can be seen at…, here you can a background video of the device and the measurement technique:

Link: Ophir Spiricon Europe, Darmstadt, Germany

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