New Tunable Infrared Laser

Infrared Laser “Carmina”, the world’s first tunable infrared laser that covers the entire IR spectrum from 2 µm to 15 µm. In addition, the laser can be operated in two modes with different spectral bandwidths.

In narrowband mode, the new laser offers a spectral bandwidth of 20 wavenumbers, in broadband mode more than 300 wavenumbers. The ability to generate laser radiation with different bandwidths is the key to address a wide range of applications, e. g. spectroscopy, scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM), as well as chemical imaging and sensing. An intuitive software user-interface allows easy and fully automated wavelength tuning of the laser. Up to 300 mW output power can be achieved.

Until now, users have often been limited by the fact that different laser sources are required for different IR applications. The purchase of different laser sources is expensive; each individual laser source requires its own user training. For some applications, e. g. near-field IR spectroscopy, users even need access to a synchrotron facility. The new laser now provides a convenient and cost-effective way to cover complementary IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging applications with a single laser source.

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