New Encapsulated Joints for Hexapods

Encapsulated joints for the compact and flexible Newport “HXP50” hexapod. The newly designed joints are a significant improvement in terms of overall robustness and reliability of the hexapod and are available now at the same price as the previous version.

 Standard hexapod joints are dynamic load-bearing points and subject to typical mechanical failure modes such as material wear, deformation, corrosion or thermal stress. The spherical shape of the new joints enhances rigidity, while reducing material stress and deformation. The coated ceramic spherical ball joints are harder, stiffer, corrosion free and feature better geometrical tolerances than conventional steel ball joints. Extensive stress and failure tests on the newly designed joints with more than 3 million test cycles, even at the extreme joint positions, showed no measurable wear on the joints and no observed failures. The same is true for 1 million full-cycle moves under full load and the same amount of cycles performed in between the extreme positions with full actuator travel of the hexapod – no degradation and no failures.

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