Multiphoton Optics Awarded “Best of Industry“

The lucky winning team (f.l.t.r.): application engineer Dr. Alexander Krupp, CTO Dr. Benedikt Stender, CEO & managing director Dr. Ruth Houbertz, and director of sales Felix Kiesel (Source: Multiphoton Optics)

For the third time, MM Machine Market honored outstanding industrial innovations with the Best of Industry Award. The high tech startup Multiphoton Optics, Würzburg, Germany, initiator of the initiative “We start Würzburg Valley“, raised the bar with its High Precision 3D Printer LithoProf3D in additive manufacturing for production 4.0.

Additive manufacturing is transferred to a new dimension via Multiphoton Optics’ high precision printer platform LithoProf3D. Beside the company’s already well-known micro-optics which are fabricated with high throughput and highest precision for a large variety of applications – from illumination via imaging to augmented reality – the modularity of the LithoProf3D was in the focus of the product development.

The intelligent machine concept is accompanied by a likewise modular software concept which provides machine codes with implemented process strategies which can significantly vary dependent on the application. The complete high precision 3D printing process is stored in the code. LithoProf3D runs simple 3D structuring processes and sophisticated process sequences with different process strategies – high precision 3D printing from sub-micrometer to the centimeter scale for discrete optical components or monolithically integrated optics. For the latter, no assembly of components or post-processing of the optical surfaces is necessary, thus providing cost- and resource-efficient manufacturing.

“The high innovative power of the submitted products and solutions shows how intensively the economy works on progress. These bests have earned attention. The award means for the nominees and winners appreciation of their work and is also motivation for all other industrial companies. We would like to thank all the nominees, winners and guests for the great and entertaining evening and look forward to the Best of Industry Award 2019!” stated Oliver Barthel, publisher MM Group.

The award was presented to the best of the best in the industry at a festive gala event on June 7, 2018, at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg. On the shortlist for this award were only companies that had already won an industry award, were nominated for it, or if their innovation raised very large readers interest on (Source: Multiphoton Optics)

Links: Multiphoton Optics GmbH, Würzburg, Germany

Further reading: B. Stender, W. Mantei & R. Houbertz: High Precision 3D Printing, Laser Tech. J. 14 (2), April 2017; DOI: 10.1002/latj.201700009 • Multiphoton Optics Receives Fraunhofer Start-up Award,, 28th February 2017

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