Multi-focal Beam Shaping Optics for Multi-kW Lasers

Optics “quattroXX” for laser beam shaping by splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple focuses (patent pending design). The optics was developed for laser material processing techniques like welding, cladding, brazing based on multi-kW fiber lasers or fiber-coupled lasers.

Focusing a laser beam in 4 separate focuses with variable energy distribution and variety of geometrical layouts (square, rhomb, line) is a powerful and flexible tool to optimize conditions of material processing by providing doughnut-like combined spots or realizing pre- and post-heating of processed area to reduce spatter and bubbles, thus stabilizing the technologies.

The optical design of the new laser beam shaping optics provides theoretically lossless energy re-distribution of TEM00 or multimode lasers at various wavelengths, its efficiency doesn’t depend on the beam BPP (M2) or beam size, and the refractive optical components guarantee high resistance to radiation of multi-kW CW or pulsed lasers and reduced thermally induced focus shift. As a focal optical system, the multi-focal optics is installed between a collimator and a focusing lens, in case of scanning optics before the scanner. Due to low sensitivity to misalignments and compact design, the new optical devices can be quickly, easily and simply integrated in already existing processed heads.

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