Modular Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology

In the last years, a non-contact fabrication technology for material processing of finest contours has been established. Ultrafast laser pulses allow drilling, cutting, structuring or ablation of near unlimited variety of materials with accuracies in the micrometer range. Metals, polymers, foils or even brittle materials like glass, ceramic or sapphire – the ultrafast laser can handle all these materials without contact of a tool which even can wear out.

(Source: UKPL)

Further advantages of the new ultrafast laser technology are the very good resolution – typically 10 µm – and the possibility to effectively process all materials even transparent or thermal sensitive ones, which is only possible due to the low heat introduction coming along with very short laser pulses.

The possibilities of the innovative micro machining technology were gathered with the German Ultrashort Laser Network UKPL three years ago. The network is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and was built up and managed by Eura AG. It consists of twelve small and medium sized enterprises, three big companies and eight research institutions, especially from the laser materials processing section. The network is continued in 2018 without national funding. By cross-linking and introduction of further partners, the technology network will be further formed and expanded. This means, the network is open to new partners interested in the further dissemination of the technology with its diverse possibilities especially in micro machining.

Companies or institutions that are interested in the network or are looking for solutions to specific problems in micro machining are invited to browse the online information and get into contact with the coordinates who will then refer to one or several competent network partners. (Source: Eura)

Link: German Ultrashort Laser Network UKPL, Ellwangen, Germany

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