Machine Vision Filters

Newly rebranded “TECHSPEC Machine Vision Filters”, formerly called “TECHSPEC Imaging Filters”. The rebrand addresses their primary use with machine vision cameras and lenses. The filters pass or block specific UV, VIS, or IR wavelengths and provide extremely wide angles of incidence for maximum versatility.

Due to their hard coating, The filters are very durable. When compared to traditional filters, they provide superior blocking of unwanted light and greater durability for longer lifetimes. They enhance the contrast of the inspected object’s features of interest, providing the means to improve image contrast while blocking unwanted illumination and isolating spectral regions and colors. With their extremely high and flat transmission profile, the filters provide even illumination. They exhibit sharp cut-on and cut-off wavelengths with transmission values that are greater than 10% improved over traditional machine vision filters on the market and provide optimal signal-to-noise ratio in imaging systems without losing light intensity that is critical for performance. The filters are available in a wide variety of wavelength ranges, with center wavelengths (CWL) from 330 nm to 880 nm and are optimized for use with popular LEDs. On average, the blocking range reaches far into the UV at 200 nm and extends to 1200 nm, covering a majority of the noise and UV/IR signatures exhibited in conventional lamps and bulbs. Multiple mounting thread options are available for ease of integration. The filters are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

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