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The SPIE Photonics West is for many companies from the photonics industry the actual beginning of the year. This time, too, we have visited several at their booths and wanted to know, what new developments they exhibit at Photonics West, and about what new trends in the field of optics, photonics, or laser applications, the experts intend to inform themselves.

Edmund Optics, booth #823 (Source:

Agnes Hübscher, director marketing Europe of Edmund Optics said: “The focus of EO at Photonics West will be that the future depends on optics.” Therefore, Edmund Optics will have product demonstrations highlighting drone-based imaging for agriculture, UV laser materials processing, inspection of well plates for life science applications, and the manufacturing processes for aspheric lenses and prisms. Furthermore, visitors can inform themselves about a wide variety of new products including Techspec Nd:YAG laser line mirrors at UV wavelengths, divergence adjustable fixed YAG beam expanders, 50- and 100-Å off-axis parabolic mirrors, ultra-compact objectives, ultra-thin longpass filters, compact ruggedized series fixed focal length lenses, and many more. Hübscher continued: “We are excited to see advancements in UV and IR optics as well as developments in the field of laser optics such as laser damage threshold testing, coating technology, and metrology.”

First Sensor, booth #4553 (Source:

For Doris Tischer and the team from First Sensor, lidar systems and their wide range of applications will be the most important topic this year. Therefore, First Sensor will show several avalanche photodiodes and arrays, which serve those applications perfectly.  Tischer continued: “We are interested especially in lidar systems and SPADS. Of course, we are curious to see what else is new this year.”

Schäfter+Kirchhoff, booth #4962 (Source:

Dr. Ulrich Oechsner, managing director of Schäfter + Kirchhoff explained: “We will present the ‘Corrosion Inspector’ – a color scanner system for objective evaluation of filiform and other types of corrosion phenomena – with innovative true color analysis for the very first time. The true color analysis allows the separation of areas of red rust and coating delamination, and improves the evaluation of stone impact resistance.” With automated solutions becoming increasingly more important – Internet of Things or machine vision, just to name a few –, Oechsner and his team will inform themselves about how these new technologies can benefit from their products.

Sill Optics, booth #1146 (Source:

Sill Optics is expanding the catalog lineup of telecentric F-theta lenses with new options for spot sizes below 10 µm. Furthermore, Martin Hauer, project manager, is very proud of Sills new modular telecentric imaging lenses with coaxial illumination that are now fitted with options for diverse test surfaces. “In general the development of UV lasers is very interesting and important for our future. Personally, I am intrigued by upcoming applications with diffractive elements”, stated Martin Hauer.

Smaract, booth #5138 (Source:

Dr. Sebastian Rode, head of metrology at Smaract said: “As latest addition to our metrology instrumentation line we will show our new laser scanning vibrometer, the Picoscan, which features simultaneous measurement of vibrations and image acquisition with a single laser beam and allows for non-contact analysis of e.g. modern MEMS with picometer resolution. Due to its compact size the scan-head can be placed in any vacuum environment (HV and even UHV), thus allowing for quality control directly inside production machinery.” Dr. Dan Strehle, head of microassembly and automation adds: “The Photonics West offers the opportunity to get in contact with our customers to discuss their needs in the fields of microassembly. Together we want to identify future applications that only become possible with the precision of our nanopositioners and motion systems.” (A.-L. Gutberlet)

Link: SPIE Photonics West Conference & Exhibition, 27 Jan. – 1 Feb. 2018, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Cal., USA


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