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Laser Technik Journal, vol. 15, issue 3/2018 (Source: Wiley)

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Traceability and/or protection against counterfeit for products or components out of glass require some kind of markings. In many cases, these markings have to be invisible by the human eye. The latter condition requires marking sizes of only a few hundred microns. (Source: Photon Energy)


The Laser is Gearing up to Become the Universal Tool for Industry 4.0

Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf (IFSW, University of Stuttgart)

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Invisible Inner Glass Marking (Photon Energy) • AM – Efficient Use of Resources in Manufacture of Metal Components (Fraunhofer EMI) • Next Stage of OCT for Remote Laser Welding (Blackbird Robotics) • LIDE in the Lead (LaserMicronics) • Laser Heating for Bonding Without Adhesives (Fraunhofer IWS) • Micro-Optics for High-Power Diode Lasers (Ingeneric)

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The Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018

The first, second and third-placed teams of the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2018 have been disclosed and announced during the awarding ceremony on 2nd May 2018 in Aachen’s town hall as part of the International Laser Technology Congress AKL’18.

Pages: 15-20

Technology Report

A New Era Has Started: Additive laser manufacturing processes on the road to success

Pages: 21-23

Market Report

The Worldwide Market for Lasers: Market Review and Forecast 2018

Jose Pozo

Pages: 24-25

Conference Program: Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum SLT 2018

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Laser Welding

High Power, High Speed, High Quality: Advantages of laser beam welding of aluminum sheets at 16 kW of laser power and feed rates up to 50 m/min

Florian Fetzer, Christian Hagenlocher, Rudolf Weber (IFSW, University of Stuttgart)

Pages: 28-31

Laser Surface Processing

Laser Technology for Tool Production: Development of laser surface treatment – system technology and examples of application

Peter Hoffmann, Roland Dierken (ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH)

Pages: 32-35

Additive Manufacturing

Automated Manufacturing of Sensor‐Monitored Parts: Enhancement of the laser beam melting process by a completely automated sensor integration

Maximilian Binder, Matthias Illgner, Christine Anstaett, Philipp Kindermann, Ludwig Kirchbichler, Christian Seidel (Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Gießerei-, Composite- und Verarbeitungstechnik IGCV)

Pages: 36-39

More Than Beam Profiling: A new approach for beam diagnostics in 3D additive manufacturing systems

Andreas Koglbauer (PRIMES GmbH)

Pages: 40-44

Laser Welding

Tomorrow’s Advanced Technology for Laser Welding – Today: OCT is a perfect technique for seam tracking applications

Nataliya Deyneka Dupriez (Lessmüller Lasertechnik)

Pages: 46-49

Laser Cooling

Cooling Solutions for Laser Applications: Why a tailor‐made chiller supports the optimal performance of the laser and reduces energy costs

Markus Zobler, Eike Mantwill (KKT chillers)

Pages: 50-55

Laser Welding

A “World Champion” in Energy Efficiency: Environmental audit sees laser welding ahead of resistance spot welding

Tim Hesse, Sebastian Zaske (TRUMPF)

Pages: 56-58

Laser Systems

Matching the Intensity of the Laser to the Speed: More efficiency for laser processing

Doris Knauer (PI – Physik Instrumente)

Pages: 59-61

Application Report

Power Packs: Laserline LDM diode lasers combine multi‐kilowatt power and a highly compact design

Thomas Molitor (Laserline)

Pages: 62-63


Events June 2018 – November 2018

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