Laser Technik Journal 2016/2 April

Laser Technik Journal 2/2016 (Source: Wiley)

Laser Technik Journal 2/2016 (Source: Wiley)

Cover Picture

Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 2/2016

FISBA is a leading supplier of optical components for diode laser collimation in large quantities. The company is a specialist for all questions starting from custom design, followed by prototype production and ending with large scale production. Everything is done efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. (Source: Fisba)


The Engine of Our Industry
  • Reinhart Poprawe
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Over 50 Percent Wall‐Plug Efficiency Fiber Laser/Laser Beam Shapes Under Control/Precise, Flexible and Easy to Integrate/Intelligent Beam Monitoring for a Perfect Cut

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Company Profiles

Company Profiles: Laser Technik Journal 2/2016
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Graphical and Extended Program of the Technological Conference AKL’16
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Market Report

Status Quo and Perspectives: Laser Markets

Industrial laser systems are now firmly established in material processing operations among world’s manufacturing industries. Proof of this can be shown in recent statistical reports which estimate that slightly more than $ 80 bn of machine tools were produced in 2015; of which an estimated $ 8 bn or 10 % were industrial laser systems qualified as machine tools. Therefore logic suggests that industrial laser sales should…

  • David A. Belforte
  • 41-42

Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid Manufacturing of Turbine Components

The energy sector and, above all, the aerospace and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) markets, will be growing significantly over the next decades. This will increase the price for Ni‐based alloys, super alloys, titanium aluminide (TiAl) and stainless steel enormously. The complexity of part geometry, higher product quality, parts machined to higher precision, shorter production time and a lower reject rate will lead…

  • Volker Boehm
  • 44-47

Laser Welding

Alloyed Ultra‐High Strength Steels

New ultra‐high strength steels provide new lightweight opportunities and improve crash properties in future car bodies. Understanding the joining process as well as the response of the base materials on heat input is in order to create designs exploiting the full potential and fulfill the extensive requirements. The following paper makes a contribution for a safety applying of new materials into the car body manufacturing…

  • Martin Dahmen, Benjamin Gerhards, Stefan Lindner
  • 48-52

Micro Joining

Closing the Gap between Electronics and High Power Connectors: LIMBO

To integrate high power electronic components in conventionally low voltage environments, the joining of massive copper interconnectors on thermally‐sensitive substrates poses a significant key processing step. However, conventional welding approaches deposit an excess of energy in the thermally‐sensitive substrates. The laser impulse metal bonding process (LIMBO) applies a new welding approach in order to join thick copper…

  • Simon W. Britten
  • 53-55

Laser Sources

Femtosecond Lasers over 100 Watts

The concept of the world’s first industrial femtosecond laser with high average power (> 100 W), delivering 400 fs pulses that is presented here is flexible in pulse repetition rate and offers high pulse energy up to 300 μJ. The laser is designed for easy synchronization to polygon scanners and with optional burst mode. This laser enables higher throughput and productivity, coupled with superior quality processing. The…

  • Clemens Hönninger, Joshika Akhil
  • 56-59
Basic Concept of Tailored Bars

Direct diode lasers are, in principle, more efficient and smaller than classic solid‐state lasers. But the combination of multiple beams from hundreds of individual emitters requires beam shaping and lensing at the expense of efficiency. At the costs for the micro‐optical elements and alignment, the efforts for super‐imposing of individual emitters with different techniques, assumption of the economic superiority over…

  • Jens Biesenbach, Jörg Neukum
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Events April 2016 — October 2016
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Buyers’ Guide
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