KAUST–Leica Center of Excellence Inaugurated

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Leica Micro­systems inaugurated a new Center of Excellence for optical microscopy on the University’s campus on March 12, 2018. With the new center, KAUST and Leica Micro­systems embark on a long-term partnership in cutting-edge life science research with the objective of encouraging new scientific discoveries.

Justin Mynar (l.) associate VP for research and executive director of the KAUST Core Labs, and Julian Burke, CSO at Leica Micro­systems, sign an agreement to inaugurate the new KAUST-Leica Center of Excellence in Optical Micro­scopy on the university campus. Walid Beylouni (left standing) and Kun Li look on during the signing ceremony. (Source: KAUST)

“With the opening of the Center of Excel­lence on the univer­sity campus, there is now a visible expres­sion of our partner­ship,” said Markus Lusser, President of Leica Micro­systems. “We will work with KAUST and their world-class faculty members and students to drive the use and imple­men­tation of sample prepa­ration and imaging systems. These systems are already revolu­tionizing approa­ches to life science and materials research and we expect them to allow the university to do break­through explorations in these areas.”

A new SP8 confocal plat­form from Leica with super reso­lution (STED) and light sheet capabi­lities was unveiled – the first of its kind to be installed in the King­dom and in the Middle East.

“Today, we and Leica Microsystems, have pledged to combine our strengths. The launch of this CoE will impact not just the field of optical micros­copy as a whole, but on the scien­tific ambitions of KAUST and the Kingdom,” explained Justin Mynar, associate vice president for research and executive director of the KAUST Core Labs. “Our partner­ship will impact on all of our users for the better­ment of the Kingdom and the scientific achieve­ments that will guide its ambitious develop­ment objectives.”

The system is housed in the Imaging and Characte­rization Core Lab, providing researchers access to the latest advances in micros­copy. The CoE places KAUST at the leading edge of techno­logical advances in optical microscopy – an auspicious partner­ship that will positively impact our entire academic community, its collaborators and industrial partners.

Leica Microsystems has seven major plants and product development sites around the world. The company is represented in more than one hundred countries, has sales and service organizations in twenty countries, and an international network of distribution partners. Its headquarters are located in Wetzlar, Germany. Established in 2009, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a graduate-level research university, dedicated to advancing science and technology, addressing challenges related to food, water, energy and the environment. (Source: Leica Microsystems)

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