Jabil Aligns Optics Ca­pa­bil­i­ties

(Source: Jabil Optics Germany)

Albrecht Richter, Site Director Jabil Optics Germany (left) und Irv Stein, Senior Global Business Unit Director Jabil Optics (right; source: Jabil Optics Germany)

Jabil Circuit, Inc. announced that it is branding its optics business as Jabil Optics to reflect an integrated approach to research, process development and deployment.

The move consolidates Sypro Optics, acquired from Carl Zeiss in 2006, and Kasalis, acquired in May of 2015, with the former Jabil Embedded Camera Group (ECG) under a new umbrella. The Jabil Optics brand consolidates Jabil’s advanced optical solutions to global customers. At this important inflection point, Jabil is celebrating past accomplishments in Jena, known as the “Optics Valley,” and planning future endeavor  in technologies such as miniaturized projection systems for consumer electronics and active alignment for camera module assembly.

Jabil Optics is capitalizing on several macro trends, notably the use of Internet Protocol (IP) cameras in connected sensors, and the continued proliferation of feature-rich consumer electronic devices.

“The market for Jabil Optics – particularly embedded camera modules and projection systems – is very bright, thanks to continuing advances in consumer electronics and the huge potential of the Internet of Things,” said Irvin Stein, Senior Global Business Unit Director, Jabil Optics. “Successful execution of projection systems in consumer electronics is just one aspect of our successful strategy. We are confident that consolidation of our optical activities under one brand will drive synergies and enable us to respond even more rapidly to customer needs and market changes.”

Albrecht Richter, Site Director, Jabil Optics Germany, noted, “Jabil’s early interest in projection systems and the acquisition of Sypro Optics ten years ago exemplify our understanding of the market potential for optoelectronic design and manufacturing.  As miniaturization becomes a central theme for customer innovation, we will leverage our experience and technological resources to expand this market advantage.”

Jabil has anticipated many optical trends and developed novelties over the past 10 years to address them. The acquisition of Kasalis advances miniaturization efforts by enabling higher accuracy in assembly. The Kasalis process for precision placement of lenses and sensors through active alignment is essential for sub-micron accuracy. As the consumer electronics, security and automotive industries demand ever-smaller camera modules and projection systems, Jabil Optics continues to lead.

Several trends are propelling Jabil’s growth in the optics arena. The Internet of Things is generating demand for camera modules and projection systems.  Technology research firm, Gartner, predicts by 2020 there will be sensor-based IP cameras embedded in nearly every household object including washers, dryers, coffee machines and home security systems. This forecast is supported by statistics on embedded cameras in smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, automobiles and gaming devices, where cumulative average growth is estimated at twenty percent.

In addition, because cameras and projection systems are typically part of a larger system, Jabil Optics is benefiting with demand from existing Jabil customers in core vertical markets including consumer, automotive and infotainment.

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