ISELED Alliance is Continuously Growing

The open ISELED Alliance has the objective to provide an ecosystem – a complete system solution for automotive lighting – around the ISELED technology. The alliance was announced together with ISELED at the Electronica 2016 fair in Munich. (Source: Inova Semicon)

Melexis, a global semiconductor manufacturer, and, as a further international lighting supplier, the Italy-based OLSA Group has entered the open ISELED Alliance formed to develop and market this innovative in-vehicle LED lighting concept – the “digital LED”. They joined alongside existing members Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto Technologies, Lucie Labs, NXP, TE Connectivity, Pforzheim University and Valeo.

The ISELED Alliance is committed to create an ecosystem, a complete solution around the ISELED concept including hard- but also corresponding software. The core product is a smart LED driver from Inova Semiconductors integrated together with three RGB LEDs into a tiny package from Dominant Opto. This innovative approach reduces costs, simplifies control, and expands the functionality of LED lighting in the automobile significantly.

The next generation of in-car lighting will feature hundreds of LEDs typically in form of flexible light stripes each comprising of up to thirty LEDs and more. Each “Digital LED” on the stripe consists of one red, green and blue LED with the ISELED controller integrated in the same package. The “Digital LEDs” which can be daisy-chained up to a number of 4.079 via a differential 2-wire bus with 2 Mbps will be controlled by one single external controller like the S32K microcontroller series of NXP. This effectively will replace the present cumbersome and costly work-around utilizing multiple microcontrollers and a relatively slow LIN bus. Despite the low data rate of the ISELED bus light effects at true video speed nevertheless are possible. With the application software of alliance member Lucie Labs fascinating lighting effects may be created and simply controlled by an App on the smartphone.

“OLSA is proud to join the ISELED alliance to actively contribute to one of the most innovative fields of ambient lighting,” highlights OLSA’s CEO Stefano Cassis. “As a worldwide player in automotive lighting we have always focused on innovation and tech evolution. Today, also thanks to the acquisition by Magna International, we have more and more capacity and capability to support our customers in driving lighting into a bright future”.

Michael Bender, product line manager lighting products at Melexis, adds. “As a global automotive semiconductor supplier, we are always focused on innovation and technology evolutions. Today, we provide multiple ICs and IC-sets to enable cost-efficient and innovative lighting implementations within the automotive industry thereby enabling a bright future. We want to use this knowledge to further develop ISELED into an accepted industry standard as well as to enable additional application fields.”

“These entries into the alliance further underlines the acceptance of ISELED as a highly innovative technology, including the associated ecosystem,” stated Robert Kraus, CEO at Inova Semiconductors and a founding partner of the alliance. “We will announce additional new members very soon, further strengthening this unique technology concept and enabling new and exciting LED lighting features in the next generation of cars.“ (Source: Inova Semicon)

Update 05 October 2018: Osram Opto Semiconductors, a global semiconductor manufacturer and leading provider of LED solutions, has joined the ISELED Alliance. They will soon be introducing the first prototypes of smart RGB LEDs on the market. “A key customer advantage of these innovative smart LED components is that the complex calibration for adjusting colour location and brightness between the individual LEDs is no longer necessary,” explains Hermann Senninger, senior marketing manager automotive interior at Osram OS. “In addition, this technology also opens up many other potential applications for our customers – first for the vehicle interior and later also for the exterior.”

Links: ISELED Alliance c/o INOVA Semiconductors GmbH, Munich, Germany • Melexis NV, Ieper, Belgium • OLSA S.p.a., Rivoli (TO), Italy • Osram Group, Munich, Germany

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