Inspect Award 2017 Finalists


The jury has nominated solutions in the categories Vision, Automation and Control (Source: GIT Verlag)

Products which met the judges’ requirements were placed on the shortlist of final candidates. Key criteria that needed to be met were: does the solution offer the highest innovation, the best user benefit and a significant unique selling point. The following candidates satisfied the judges by meeting all requirements.

Category A: Vision
  • The 3D Light Field technology allows you to capture 2D and 3D information with a single camera, using a single lens, in just a single snapshot using standard lighting; Raytrix GmbH
  • The HC-V Series 4MP lens series allows measurements without pixel deviation even in high vibration and shock environments; Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH
  • The Cx series of compact and flexible focal length lenses feature an easy accessible middle section, which allows simple integration of filters, liquid lenses, or powered irises; Edmund Optics GmbH
  • Vimba 2.0, an easy-to-use software development kit, combines the advantages of standardized GenICam features with an easy-to-use graphical user interface; Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
  • Fast inspections without the need for knowledge of image processing: The mvBlue Gemini smart camera combines powerful hardware with intuitive software; Matrix Vision GmbH
  • The XG-X series is a high-end image processing platform for vision experts; Keyence Deutschland GmbH
  • The In-Sight 2000 series is the ideal solution for solving simple error-proofing applications. It includes an integrated, high-performance image formation system consisting of field interchangeable lenses and a patent-pending LED ring light; Cognex Germany Inc.
  • The industrial camera USB 3 uEye XC (model UI-3013XC) with 13 Megapixel CMOS sensor provides lots of useful consumer camera features, like autofocus, live Full-HD video (30 fps) and 16x digital zoom; IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
  • Phlox uses innovative optical processes for high speed cameras: a PMMA pipe lighted by a linear source made up of LEDs ; Phlox S.A.
  • The LX Visual Applets cameras are a new camera class offering easy application-specific image pre-processing straight in the camera’s FPGA without need for expensive and complex VHDL programming; Baumer Group
Category B: Automation
  • With TriSpector 3D objects can be easily trained and visualized based on the configuration software Sopas; Sick AG
  • The Gocator 3109 is the first industrial SL sensor that allows users to carry out full-field 3D acquisition of their parts without a motion system; LMI Technologies Inc.
  • Due to its high reading performance with a speed of up to 6 m/s and a comfortable configuration directly at the device via a smartphone app, the camera-based DCR 200i combines easy handling with reliable decoding even during demanding reading tasks; Leuze electronic GmbH + Co KG
  • The flexible smart camera Datalogic P19 is supported by the Impact+ OCR software, and provides an intuitive interface to perform OCR inspections; Datalogic Automation S.r.l.
  • Imago´s Vision Box invented a method to offer Trigger-over-Ethernet and PoE functionality for up to four independent cameras. The triggering jitter is very small and can be as low as 1µs, depending on the camera-model; Imago Technologies GmbH
  • The ID-Hammer is a handheld DPM-reading device in a robust housing made of light aircraft aluminum for all kinds of 1D and 2D codes; di-soric Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
  • SureDot OCR is the first OCR technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges of reading dot-matrix text produced by industrial inkjet printers, particularly on packaging lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors; Matrox Imaging
  • Based on user-focused engineering, MicroHawk is one platform, designed for both auto ID and machine vision applications, joining these automation technologies together for the first time; Microsans Systems
  • Calipri Hot is a device for measurement of hot rolled profiles between single passes; Nextsense GmbH
  • The 3DPixa camera is the combination of stereo imaging with line scan cameras and fast calculation of 3D data from stereo using graphic boards; Chromasens GmbH
Category C: Control
  • The modular BX3M upright microscope series and Stream 2.1 micro-imaging software together seamlessly adapts to the needs of the user and enhancing a variety of materials science and industrial applications; Olympus Deutschland GmbH
  • Thanks to a brand-new 190 kV nanofocus tube the CT systems FF20 CT and FF35 CT provide in the case of 2D applications a detail visibility ≤ 150 nm even at high energies; Yxlon International GmbH
  • Orion is a digital high speed line scan sensor with configurable photo-diode size for spectroscopic applications; Awaiba GmbH
  • At a fast 1000 fps, the science-grade thermal camera Flir X6900sc records full window 640 x 512 data to on-camera RAM for up to 26 seconds; Flir Systems GmbH
  • The Serval Thermography LWIR camera provides linearized temperature output and is designed for in-line process control in harsh environments; XenICs NV
  • DotScan is the first chromatic white light sensor on an articulating probe holder to market, allowing companies to scan their components from all sides in one measuring run; Carl Zeiss GmbH
  • The ScopeCheck is a multi-sensor system with two CMMS, one with image processing and another wiht a scanning probe; Werth Messtechnik GmbH
  • HandyProbe Next and MetraScan 3D are portable optical CMM solutions, specifically designed for use on the shop floor. The system offers high flexibility and a practical alternative to traditional portable CMMs; Creaform/Ametek GmbH
  • The APS3D 4.0 combines stereometry and triangulation with various lighting concepts and features completely wireless power supply and data transfer; Isra Vision AG
  • The TopMap Pro.Surf is a white light interferometer with integrated multi-sensor concept especially designed for large area measurement; Polytec GmbH

You can vote online until September 30, 2016 for your favorite in every category. The products with the most votes will be the winners of their category.

The award has been launched by the magazine for machine vision and optical metrology, “inspect”, and will officially be awarded to the winner at the Vision show in Stuttgart this November.

Link: inspect Award online poll


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