Hitachi Enters Cooperation with VTT

The Micronova facility in Espoo Finland, the largest R&D-to-produc­tion fab in the Nordic countries, is housing two clean­rooms that total 2,600 sqm in area, with over 200 pieces of semi­con­ductor proces­sing equipment. (Source: VTT Memsfab)

The Japanese company Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation and the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland have signed a memo­randum of under­standing to colla­borate on the development and commercia­lization of silicon photonics and optical data transfer components.

The cooperation will provide VTT with greater opportu­nities to facili­tate adaptation of new silicon photon­ics technol­ogies developed at VTT, while Hitachi High-Technol­ogies Corpo­ration’s custo­mers will gain greater added value in their products.

“This is an excellent, mutually beneficial operating model which will enable us to expand our inter­national customer­ship. Together, we can provide our customers with complete solutions,” says Himadri Majumdar, VTT’s head of sales and customer partner­ship.

In practice, this will be reflected in joint research and develop­ment projects, in which the parties combine their technol­ogical compe­tences to create new solutions meeting end users’ needs. Another aim is to utilize the manufac­turing capability of VTT Memsfab, which engages in the contract manu­facture of micro and nano-elec­tronics mate­rials and components.

In addition to joint projects, the partners will participate in inter­national confe­rences and fairs. The first joint appearance was in the US, at the Optical Fiber Communication Confe­rence and Exhi­bition in March 2018, the world’s leading global conference and exposition for optical communi­cations and networking profes­sionals. (Source: VTT)

Links: VTT Memsfab Ltd., Espoo, FinlandHitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


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