Highly Precise Mounted Aspheres and Axicons

asphericon - aspheric lenses

To enable aspheres to perform to the fullest, they must be oriented sufficiently well in the setup. Even the smallest tilts (0.1° of the X axis) can induce imperfect focusing and aberrations such as coma and astigmatism. An especially precise technique allows to very accurately orient the lenses directly in the mount and achieve decentration of less than 10 µm. The mount makes handling much more convenient, especially for very small lenses. This also significantly simplifies the otherwise complicated orientation and adjustment of axicons in the system.

The aspheric lenses can be quickly and easily combined with all beam guidance and positioning systems or screwed directly to the asphericon “SPA” Beam Expander Kit. This enables better and faster positioning of the lenses in the laboratory setup and, consequently, optimized focusing. The lenses are also protected against external influences such as dust by the mount and the protective cap that comes with it. Information about specifications and serial numbers can be found directly on the mount. The mounted Aspheres and Axicons thus generally ensure optical systems are set up for flexibility and efficiency.

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