High-Power Direct-Diode Laser Systems for Laser Cladding

Coherent - HighLight D

Coherent – HighLight D

In cladding and heat treating applications, the higher power and longer line beam of the lasers increase production speeds to new benchmark levels, allowing larger areas to be processed in a single pass. In laser cladding, the series yields a higher material deposition rate (up to 12 kg/hour), allowing the lasers to “paint-on” metal.

The newest member of this series, the “HighLight 10000D”, provides up to 10 kW of direct-diode power at 975 nm, and is the leading direct-diode laser system currently available with free space beam delivery (no fiber-coupling needed). Free space beam delivery preserves the inherent brightness of the diode laser source and enables the use of an optical system with a large (275 mm) working distance. The unique design compact laser head enables a wide range of output beam size options and powder nozzles that won’t restrict application deployment.

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