HGLaser Wins National Innovation Prize

First-prize Winner of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (Source: hglaser.com)

First-prize Winner of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (Source: hglaser.com)

On January 8, HGLaser was awarded the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in China’s Great Hall of the People. HGLaser, cooperating with the academy HUST, five famous automobile companies and world leading mechanical enterprises, like Farley Laserlab and HAPM, received the award for “core technology and complete equipment of advanced laser welding and cutting in automobile manufacturing”. This technology is supposed to have broken the monopoly of foreign companies in the field and filled the domestic blank, realizing a ground-breaking advancement for Chinese automotive industry.

Body in white or BIW refers to the stage in automotive design or automobile manufacturing in which a car body’s sheet metal components have been welded together – but before moving parts (doors, hoods, and deck lids as well as fenders), the motor, chassis sub-assemblies, or trim (glass, seats, upholstery, electronics, etc.) have been added and before painting.

As an essential part of the awarded project, the BIW laser welding production line integrates laser welding, laser brazing, quick positioning and transfer robot together, which can meet the demand of multi-type production. Thanks to the BIW laser welding technology, it is able to finish the welding of a car with only one minute.

Its welding speed can reach 4.8 m/min, 30 % faster than the same type equipment in the world. The price decreases more than 40 %, and stiffness of BIW promoted 30 %. It can meet the demand of online production, so as to improve the welding speed and welding quality, achieve automation and intellectualization. As a national key science and technology project, the automotive BIW welding system has been successfully applied in many automobiles.

According to the company, the awarded machine claims 5 records in laser welding and 26 patents after twelve years research and development, and HGLaser is supplying it to welding production lines of more than 300 automobile brands. (Source: HGLaser)

Link: Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuhan, China

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