Glucose Measurement without Prick

RSP Systems, a spinout from the University of Southern Denmark, applying Raman spectroscopy for human diagnostics, announces that it has completed second closing of its Series B round. This closing brings in an additional 3.85 million euros making the round 10.35 million in total. The proceeds will be used to fund clinical trials and to prepare for regulatory approval and market launch in Europe.

RSP Systems’ prototype: prototype: a tactile design concept with risk mitigation features (Source: RSP Systems)

Existing, as well as new investors, have contributed to RSP Systems’ Series B round. Among these new investors is Trumpf Venture, the corporate venture arm of the Trumpf Group with 2.85 million euros.

RSP Systems’ CEO Andreas Jenne said, “We are grateful for the loyal support of existing shareholders and are excited to have attracted new and equally savvy shareholders in this second closing. The participation of Trumpf Venture points to the fact that we are on track towards sourcing, production, and commercialization; the timing of this could not have been better.”

Dr. Dieter Kraft, managing director of Trumpf Venture pointed out, “We are very happy to be part of the RSP support team. RSP Systems is expected to be the breakthrough innovator the medical industry has waited decades for. For Trumpf, the investment allows insights to new application areas of photonic systems where we can bring additional value based on our knowledge.”

RSP Systems offers the world’s first robust Raman spectrometry system for medical diagnostics. Over the past six years, the company has aimed for glucose monitoring and has now developed a prototype which shows target performance in clinical studies on diabetic patients at Odense University Hospital. The company uses this platform for its first non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetic patients. (Source: RSP Systems / Trumpf)

Links: RSP Systems A/S, Odense, Denmark • TRUMPF Venture GmbH, Ditzingen, Germany

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