Gimv Acquires Majority in Laser 2000

Laser 2000 was founded in 1986 and has since then evolved into one of the leading independent European suppliers of innovative laser and photonics solutions. The company’s comprehensive range of products extends from lasers and light sources for the processing of materials, over measurement equipment and fiber optics to 3D imaging, optical power and energy meters as well as cameras. With more than thirty years of experience in the market, Laser 2000 is a photonics pioneer and can therefore benefit from long-standing customer and supplier relationships. It serves renowned companies and research institutes in the fields of automation and sensor technology, optical communications and network technologies, biotech and medicine, automotive and aerospace.

Gimv has aquired the majority of 30-plus yeras old Laser 2000 (Source: Gimv / Laser 2000 / lightpoet / Shutterstock /

Headquartered in Wessling, Germany, the company, which employs a total of 65 people, has continuously grown its business in recent years by establishing subsidiaries in other European countries (France, Spain, Sweden), capitalizing on the steady growth of the photonics market.

Laser 2000 is well positioned to continue this development in the future: The company will keep expanding both its national and international business activities in the years to come, continuing to act as a trusted and competent partner and adviser to its clients and suppliers. Thanks to its broad range of products and services complemented by customized systems solutions, Laser 2000 is ideally suited to meet all customer requirements in this market. On top of that, new emerging fields of applications for laser technology are expected to contribute to a continuously strong growth of the photonics market.

Armin Luft, founder and managing director of Laser 2000, explains: “Optical technologies keep spreading to new industrial applications. We are known for innovation, creativity, quality, and superior customer satisfaction in the photonics market for over thirty years, and we intend to keep growing. I am delighted that in Gimv we have found a new partner, who stands for successful, long-term cooperation and sustainable value creation in the SME segment. We share the excitement for technologies of the future and we will continue to develop this success story together.”

Ronald Bartel, a Munich-based Partner in Gimv’s Smart Industries platform, adds: “As a technology spanning over all major sectors, photonics will put its mark on the 21st century from both, a technological and economic perspective, be it in Industry 4.0, autonomous driving, diagnostics or broadband networks. Acting as an independent intermediary between customers and a plethora of suppliers and products, Laser 2000 is ideally positioned to participate in and benefit from this development. The company has what it takes to expand its market leadership – and we look forward to helping it reaching these goals in the future.”

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval. The companies have not disclosed any further details. (Source: Gimv / Laser 2000)

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