Fully Automatic Goniometer

Fully automatic goniometer “GONIOMAT APLUS” for testing angles of optical prisms, polygon mirrors and wedges with an accuracy of 0.4 arcseconds. Furthermore it can be used for testing angles of angle gauge blocks. The device is ideal for use in testing laboratories and inspection of incoming and outgoing optical parts as well as for small, medium or large volume production.

Thanks to its new precision bearing with backlash and maintenance free drive, no compressed air is needed. The combination of a motor driven measurement table with a software based evaluation of the angle encoder signals with reference to the autocollimation image allows a fully automatic measurement with a very low measurement uncertainty. By evaluation of the autocollimation image and the angle value of the encoder in 3D space (“virtual tilting table”), the time-consuming adjustment of the specimen using an adjustable tilting table is no longer necessary. Additionally, the algorithm is able to detect multiple reflections and to exclude the non-relevant reflections during the analysis. The goniometer is controlled via a single USB 3.0 connection, thus only a laptop is needed, giving the system a small and portable footprint. Additionally, the measurement cell and the laser finder for micro prisms are now directly integrated.

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