Five Miles Out

An epic finish of the 5 Mile Run 2018 (Source: ag /

Again, very lucky with the weather, the EPIC 5 Mile Run – initiated three years ago by Benno Oderkerk, CEO of the Dutch company Avantes and president of EPIC, took place in San Francisco for the third time in the eary morning hours before the doors open for the 2nd day of the Photonics West exhibition. EPIC director general Carlos Lee stated: „The benefit and value of connecting people is immense, EPIC‘s networking events are truly exceptionally by gathering top-level decision makers.

In EPIC’s 15th anniversary year, sixty managers took part in the early-morning event (Source: ag /

This year, sixty C-level officers and directors registered for the event, especially from laser manufacturers. Jose Pozo, director of technology and innovation at EPIC, continues: „We put a lot of emphasis to bring ultra-fast and high-power laser companies together. Later this year, EPIC organizes an event at Trumpf headquarters in Ditzingen, Germany, on lasers for materials processing.“ The event takes place at June 5th, right before the Lasys and displays the whole value chain from components – fibers, OPOs, MOPAs, et cetera – all the way to the users in the micro and macro machining market, semicon, solar, watch, aerospace, and so forth.

For next year, Oderkerk tries to push the 10 Mile Run, which was canceled this year due a lack of registration. „You have now one year time for training,“ he said. And for all who like to network but do not like to run, EPIC will organize a bicycle tour to Sausalito next year on Monday between the BiOS conference and the Photonics West show. Interested members should register soon, since the number of participants is limited to thirty people to guarantee the quality for networking. (Anna-Lena Gutberlet)

Link: European Photonics Industry Consortium, EPIC, Brussels, Belgium

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