Final Change of Leadership at Raylase

With the final formal transfer of the role of CEO of its Chinese subsidiary to Dr. Philipp Schön, the change of leadership of the Raylase group has now been successfully completed.

Flora Dai and Dr. Philipp Schön, general manger and CEO of Raylase Laser Technology Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen, respectively (Source: Raylase)

As of August 2018, Schön has been stepping into the additional role as CEO of the Chinese subsidiary, Raylase Laser Technology Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen. This marks the successful completion of the final formal transfer of responsibility for the subsidiary from the original founder and CEO Peter von Jan to him.

As CEO of the group, Schön has responsibility for the headquarters of Raylase GmbH in Munich, as well as the two subsidiaries, Raylase Laser Technology, China, and Raylase Laser Technology Inc., USA.

Flora Dai, general manager at Raylase China, heads up operations at the subsidiary. She has been with the company for more than seven years. During this time, she has played an important part in the success of the subsidiary and made a huge contribution to establishing the brand in China. The subsidiary manufactures and sells Chinese products exclusively for the Asian region.

A newly established board of directors consisting of Philipp Schön (CEO of the Raylase group and chair of the board of directors), Flora Dai (general manager of Raylase China) and Berthold Dambacher (CTO of Raylase Germany) will ensure the strategic alignment of the Chinese subsidiary and group headquarters in Germany.

With the company’s twentieth anniversary ahead in 2019, they thanked Peter von Jan for his tireless efforts and for the contribution he has made to the company’s success. (Source: Raylase)

Link: RAYLASE Laser Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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