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ILAO, a mechanical deformable mirror that helps correct aberrations on high-powered lasers. (Source: Imagine Optic / ALA)

ILAO, a mechanical deformable mirror that helps correct aberrations on high-powered lasers. (Source: Imagine Optic / ALA)

The Route des Lasers, a competitiveness cluster exclusively for photonics companies, today announces that cluster members Argolight and Imagine Optic will unveil new faster performance photonics products at the Route des Lasers booth during BIOS, February 13 – 14, 2016 in San Francisco. BIOS is the world’s largest biomedical optics and biophotonics conference. The Route des Lasers aims to target US interest in advanced photonics products developed by its cluster members.

“There are amazing developments taking place in photonics, particularly in medical applications. It is important for us to enable international audiences to see the scope of what is being produced by our Aquitaine-based firms,” said Herve Floch, director of the Route des Lasers.

Argolight, specialists in unique solutions to assess the quality of fluorescence systems, has designed Daybook, which automates the processing of Argo-M slide images. It improves data reliability by providing researchers with information about the quality of the optical microscope being used.

Fluorescence stained cells are not stable. So in order to capture images, there has to be the utmost assurance that the microscope being used won’t corrupt them with its bias. This is particularly important when an experiment is part of a longer quantitative study. A microscope fluctuating from day to day is highly undesirable, since it could impact data relevance.

Daybook helps by significantly reducing the time it takes to test and diagnose all the aspects of a microscope, such as homogeneity and intensity responses. With images from Argolight’s monitoring slides that time is cut from thirty minutes to a matter of seconds.

In addition, it has key features to improve the measurement of samples. These include a distortion test to ensure that the distances being measured between and inside cells are accurate. The intensity response test also checks whether a user’s microscope is detecting fluorescent intensities at the same level from day to day.

Imagine Optic is making available ILAO, a mechanical deformable mirror that in conjunction with a wavefront sensor, closed loop control software and an end of laser chain focus offer a complete solution to correct aberrations on high-powered lasers. Using Imagine Optic’s new actuators technology, these mirrors are faster (>10 Hz) and backlash-free, thus making them more reliable. The deformable mirrors are suitable for scientific applications. They can be custom designed to meet the needs for different diameters and levels of correction. (Source: ALA)

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