EPIC Event on Photonics Testing

Participants came to Northern Ireland from all over the world (Source: Yelo / EPIC)

In mid-February, Yelo hosted an EPIC Meeting on the testing of optoelectronics at its brand new facility in Belfast. The event had attendees from all over the world including; Axenic, CEA, Ciena, Eblana Photonics, Ficontec, Imec, LioniX International, Pilot Photonics, Physik Instrumente, LP Seagate Technology, ST Microelectronics, Photonic Integration Technology Centre, Petra, and NTT.

The dinner reception for the participants was held at the top of the iconic Titanic Building in Belfast. (Source: Yelo / EPIC)

The event included two days of presentations and networking and technical discussions along with a nice Irish themed dinner in Belfast’s iconic Titanic Building and some Irish whisky tasting.

Yelo’s marketing executive Dylan Burke said: “EPIC love to make their events memorable so we really wanted to do it in the most iconic building in Belfast and make it a very special and memorable experience for the delegates who traveled as a far as America and Japan to be here. We also had the official Northern Ireland football team bus collect the delegates at our facility and take them to dinner.”

The technical aspect of the event really focused on photonics testing as a whole, but by bringing the delegates to Yelo we really wanted to stress the importance of burn-in and life test in photonics as well as the challenges that go along with it.

Hiroshi Fukuda from NTT presented on “Silicon Photonics Integration Platform for Optical Communications and its Testing”. (Source: Yelo / EPIC)

Yelo are proud to be an EPIC member and can only thank them for the hard work they do in bringing together so many companies in the photonics industry and facilitate networking and technical discussions between them.

Yelo will be at OFC (13 – 15 March) to showcase its burn-in and life test solutions. (Source: Yelo)

Link: All pictures from the event, Yelo @ flickR • Burn-in and Test of Photonic Integrated Devices, Yelo Ltd., Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

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