Dichroics for Super-resolution Microscopy


AHF dichroic beamsplitters

New beamsplitter series for super-resolution microscopy offering λ/10 P-V per inch flatness on 3 mm thick dichroics and improved λ/2 P-V per inch flatness on improved 1 mm dichroics. There will be no compromise regarding guaranteed steepest edges, short wavelength reflectivity down to 350 nm, and long wavelength transmission optimized out to 1200 nm or 1600 nm.

Super-resolution imaging systems are highly sensitive to optical wavefront distortion and demand the highest quality components. Laser dichroic beamsplitters with λ/10 flatness minimize the reflected wavefront distortion, thereby maximizing both the signal and the signal-to-noise ratio in super-resolution microscopes. 1 mm thick laser dichroic beamsplitters have been significantly improved to λ/2 flatness (~255 m radius of curvature). They will fit into microscopy filter cubes and improve the performance of laser based confocal and TIRF illumination systems. They are also ideal for reflection of imaging beams in conventional structured-illumination techniques as well as patterned illumination systems for localized photo-activation. These dichroic beamsplitters allow the use of much larger diameter illumination beams, offering researchers and instrument developers more flexibility in system design with no compromise to overall performance. A demo system is available on request.

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