Dichroic Fiber Collimators

Single-mode fiber collimators for combining the radiation from two fiber-coupled sources into a simple beam. These new dichroic fiber collimators extend the wide range of fiber collimators and laser beam couplers in the focal length range f ‘ 1.5 mm to 200 mm within the wavelength range of 360 nm to 2100 nm.

The two sources can have any wavelengths in the wavelength range 400 to 1000 nm but have to be differently. The beam diameters within the range from 0.7 mm up to 35 mm (1/e2) can be different for the two sources.

Wave-plates can also be integrated, for generating directly collimated beams with circular polarization for example. The systems are calculated on a customer-specific basis and delivered completely assembled and adjusted.

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