Desktop Metal and Fraunhofer IAPT Cooperate

Ten times less expensive than conventional systems, the Studio System allows engineering and design teams to make metal parts faster. (Source: Desktop Metal)

Desktop Metal and the Fraunhofer IAPT announced a strategic collaboration with to jointly develop specialty materials for use with the Studio System+ for customers in the European market.

As part of the collaboration, Desktop Metal will provide its Studio System+ to Fraunhofer with the ability to customize materials and parameter sets for respective clients. The IAPT will offer its own clients as well as Desktop Metal customers its services using the Studio System+. In addition, Desktop Metal will spearhead the manufacturing, selling, and marketing of newly-developed materials, alloys, or other consumables developed jointly with the institute in Hamburg, Germany.

Fraunhofer IAPT is the 70th institution of the Fraunhofer Society. It recently emerged from LZN Laser Zentrum Nord and parts of the Institute of Laser and System Technologies at the Hamburg University of Technology as one of the world’s leading institutions for scientific-industrial technology transfer in the area of 3D printing. As such, it brings 17 years of experience in 3D printing technologies and 3D printing market, along with a well-established network of industrial clients to this partnership.

Desktop Metal, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2015, it created its Studio System as the world’s first and only office-friendly metal 3D printing system for rapid prototyping. This September, the company introduced the Studio System+, an advanced metal 3D printing system combining all the innovative features of the original Studio System with even more functionality to print small metal parts with higher resolution. (Source: Desktop Metal / Fh. IAPT)

Links: Desktop Metal Inc., Burlington, Mass., USAFraunhofer Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies IAPT, Hamburg & Lüneburg, Germany

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