Deep Black Foils And Coatings

ACM - Acktar Maxi Black

ACM – Acktar Maxi Black

The products are applicable to almost all materials (metals, glass, silicon, ceramics, polymers), provide lowest reflection, ensure a very good thermal stability (–269 °C to +350 °C) and can be applied for a wide range of wavelengths (UV to IR). They fulfil the toughest requirements, including under 1st class vacuum and cleanroom conditions; they are inorganic, non-toxic and non‐outgassing and therefore are also RoHS and REACH compliant. The portfolio comprises deep black coated foils, standard sheets or customized cuttings as well as directly applied coatings and the complete manufacturing of the surface-tretated and coated drawing parts.

The products are used, e. g., for the absorption of stray light and laser radiation, passive thermal management, as calibrating target, as beam dump, as inner lining of measuring chambers, and many more applications in optics, photonics, laser technology, sensors, metrology, medical technology, industrial imaging, biotechnology and diagnostics.

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