CTO Strengthens Management at CleanLaser

Due to continuous growth, Clean-Lasersysteme, or CleanLaser for short, has appointed Mario Göhre, 41, as a member of the extended management board.

Mario Göhre, new CTO of Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH (Source: CleanLaser)

The graduate engineer has been working at CleanLaser in Herzogenrath, Germany, for twelve years and gained valuable experience as head of laser production. As technical manager, CTO, his area of responsibility now includes the planning of technical structures and the optimization of all technical processes. In addition, Mr. Göhre will receive personnel authority for the corresponding areas.

“In order to be able to optimally serve our operative business in the future in line with the adjusted framework conditions in industry and the resulting growing demand for our surface technology solutions, it was very important for us to appoint Mario Göhre, an experienced laser technologist, to the extended management circle,” explains Edwin Büchter, managing partner of CleanLaser. “This will enable us to send a clear signal to our employees and customers for continuity and growth and to strengthen our position as an owner-managed, medium-sized company in Germany as a technology and production location.”

“With the reinforcement by our new CTO and dividing the departments into a three-member management team, we will also be able to position ourselves in other areas in the field of laser beam surface technology,” Büchter conludes. (Source: CleanLaser)

Link: Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH (cleanLASER), Herzogenrath, Germany

Further reading: E. Büchter: Cleaning with Light, Laser Tech. J. 15(2), p. 36, April 2018; DOI: 10.1002/latj.201800010

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