Compact System for Surface Analysis

Smartproof 5 for industrial applications (Source: Zeiss)

Smartproof 5 for industrial applications (Source: Zeiss)

The new Zeiss Smartproof 5 widefield confocal microscope is designed for a wide range of industrial applications in quality assurance and quality control departments, production environments and R&D labs. The microscope system provides 3D reconstructions and roughness measurements for a wide range of work piece surfaces. Users benefit from an integrated design, repeatable results and high throughput.

The integrated and robust design of Smartproof 5 offers the option of installing and running it in different working environments without additional anti-vibration equipment. The optics, electronics and camera are all embedded in the microscope with the number of cables minimized to eliminate clutter.

The software provides the user with easy-to-operate workflow routines. Teachable inspection jobs and the clearly arranged graphical user interface (GUI) guide the user through recurring tasks and ensure user-independent data acquisition as a basis for precise and traceable results. In addition to geometrical measurements, roughness analyses in 2D (profile) and 3D (area) can be carried out – both based on ISO standards. The workflows can be saved, ready to perform the same microscopic 3D analysis in future.

Thanks to the optical working principle, Smartproof 5 is especially suited to fast production and process monitoring. Its patented technology minimizes the time to result – while the system offers both high resolution and high speed. Dedicated Zeiss optics and proven components enable the user to work effectively across a broad range of applications. (Source: Zeiss)

Link: ZEISS Smartproof 5, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Jena, Germany

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