Compact Linear Positioning Stage for Precise Positioning

#OP396_PI_Q-545-neuJust 45 mm wide, the stages combine high forces, high velocity and high positioning accuracy that cannot be achieved using conventional drive principles, such as DC or stepper motors in a similar form factor. The holding force and the maximum feed force are both 8 N, the maximum velocity is 10 mm/s. Since the piezomotor is self-locking at rest, it requires no current and generates no heat. The compact installation space in the stage contains precision components such as crossed roller guides with forced cage control which allow a high travel accuracy of ±50 µrad with a 13 mm travel range. For closed-loop operation, the linear stage is equipped with an optical linear encoder that achieves a resolution of 1 nm. Like the motor, the linear scale is arranged centrally between the guides. This facilitates parallax-free position measurements. Combined with the piezoelectric inertia drive, minimal incremental motion of just a few nanometers can be achieved reliably and repeatedly. Position control is designed for rapid point-to-point motion and is handled by the “E-871” motion controller. The control is digitally addressed over a USB or RS-232 interface and offers numerous parameters for the optional optimization of the settling behavior. Due to the controller’s networking capability, up to 16 axes can be controlled simultaneously via a single computer interface. The “PIMikroMove” software that comes with the controller allows quick start-up and system configuration. Integration into existing environments is possible via LabVIEW drivers and dynamic libraries. – The “E-870” motion controller is available for open-loop operation, and its drive electronics is also especially tuned to the requirements of the inertia drives.

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