Compact CW Laser with 10 mW Output Power at 266 nm

New continuous wave “FQCW266-C” DUV laser emitting 10 mW output power at a wavelength of 266 nm. Based on the proven and patented design of a diode pumped, frequency quadrupled Nd:YVO4 resonator, a new compact model was developed. The size and production cost of the new model were optimized to allow simple integration in OEM systems.

Compared to the other series models the size of the new laser head was reduced by approx. 50% and the weight by roughly 70%. At the same time, the conversion and wall plug efficiency were boosted leading to power consumption of only 60 W. The single frequency cw deep UV radiation emitted at 266 nm has a large coherence length of more than 1000 m and a narrow line width of less than 300 kHz. The laser has a double sealed head for high reliability, excellent stability, and long service intervals. The system comes as self-contained plug and play unit without the need to tune or optimize any opto-mechanical components by the user. The laser controller can be easily operated either by local switches or through a serial RS232 and USB interface.

The laser is designed for use in industrial OEM applications like photo luminescence, UV Raman spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, as well as metrology and optics testing.

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