Changes in the Management of Yaskawa Europe

Yaskawa Europe has enlarged its top management team: On 1 September 2018 Bruno Schnekenburger assumed the duties of chief operating officer of Yaskawa Europe at its European headquarters in Eschborn. His successor as president of the robotics division is Marcus Mead.

Bruno Schnekenburger (left) takes over as COO, Marcus Mead was appointed president of the robotics division. (Source: Yaskawa)

“Following the outstanding successes of the last four years in his role as president of the European robotics division, in his new position Mr. Schnekenburger will work intensively on further developing and strengthening the Yaskawa Europe Group,” says Manfred Stern, CEO of Yaskawa Europe and executive officer of the Japanese parent company Yaskawa Electric.

As COO, Schnekenburger will maintain a particular focus on operation excellence and lean enterprise, as well as the completion and start-up of the new robot manufacturing facility in Slovenia. In addition, he will continue as COO of Yaskawa Europe and retain his seat on the board of directors.

Mead assumed the position of president of the robotics division of Yaskawa Europe on 1 September 2018 of which he had previously been vice president operations.

“I am confident that Mr. Mead will continue the successful work of Mr. Schnekenburger. His extensive experience in management positions in the field of factory automation will provide a good foundation,” Stern continues.

The enlarged top management of Yaskawa Europe now consists of Manfred Stern (CEO), Bruno Schnekenburger (COO), Norbert Gauss (president drives motion controls) and Marcus Mead (president robotics). Marcus Mead has also been appointed COO of Yaskawa Europe and will be represented on the board of directors.

A further member of the Board of Yaskawa Europe is Jukka-Pekka Makinen, president of the environmental energy division, which in March this year was integrated as a third division into Yaskawa Europe.

48-year-old Marcus Mead is a graduate engineer in aerospace technology. He can draw on 27 years of experience in the aviation, automobile, and automation industries, acquired at BAe, Magna International and Parker Hannifin Corporation. At Parker Hannifin, he spent eight years as head of the pneumatic division Europe and was also executive director of Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Austria. (Source: Yaskawa)

Link: Yaskawa Europe GmbH, Eschborn, Germany

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