Fastest X-Ray Flashes Produced

With a duration of 53 attoseconds researchers set a new record for light pulses

Lightwave in Super-Slow Motion

High-precision measurement of the wave characteristics of focused, ultra-short light pulses

Recording Holograms with Femtosecond Speed

New camera can visualize transparent biological structures without introducing contrast agents

Light Pulses Modify Complex Trajectories

New method to characterize the complex evolution of weak electric fields

Review: UKP – Quick, Precise, but Not Cold

4th UKP-Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology, Aachen

Way to Cheaper Dual Frequency Combs

New technology allows to produce a complete spectrogram in less than a thousandth of a second

Camera Collects Five Trillion Images per Second

Optical method to analyse explosions, chemical reactions and turbulent combustion

Scattered Light Visualizes Material Dynamics

Imaging evolution of micro- and nanoscale structural formation on a material’s surface

Nanostructures for Efficient Laser-Proton Accelerators

Structures possess nearly optimal parameters for maximum laser absorption

Ultra-Short Pulses Almost in the Attosecond Range

Using lasers to produce electron packets with a length of 1.3 fs