New Glass Shows Switchable Opacity

Nanoscale structures enable smart glass that switches from hazy to clear in presence of water

Ionic Solar Cell Desalinates Water

Device directly converts sunlight into ionic electricity for direct solar desalination of salt water

Butterfly Wing Inspires Photovoltaics

Light absorption can be enhanced by up to 200 percent with optimized nanostructures

More Efficient Perovskite-LED

CVD allows better control of the growth process and the size of the grains

Solar Glasses Generate Solar Power

Semitransparent organic solar cells power a microprocessor

Atomic Movie of Perovskite Solar Cells

Ultrafast electron camera captures surprising atomic motions in these next-generation materials

More Solar Power with Singlet Fission

Photonic process increases the efficiency of organic solar cells

Smart Window with Transparent Solar Cells

Organic semiconductors are modified to absorb a narrow range of wavelengths

New Alloy for Next Generation Solar Cells

New material could make semiconductors for concentrator photovoltaics 30 percent cheaper

Butterfly Wings Open Door to New Solar Cells

Nanostructures control scattering, reflection and absorption of different colours of light