Optical Chip as a Neural Network

Integrated photonic routing manifolds using two planes of silicon nitride waveguides

New Metamaterial for Solar Cells

Dielectric metamaterials do not heat under exposure to electromagnetic radiation

On-Chip 3D Micro­printing for Pho­tonic and MEMS Sys­tems

Additive manufac­turing of micro-parts on inte­grated cir­cuits saves packa­ging costs and time

Silicon Photonics for the Electronics Industry

RAPSI: “ramping up silicon photonics business in Finland”

New Type of Silicon Laser

Unconventional approach uses a combination of light and sound waves to amplify light

The Flexo-Photovoltaic Effect

New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells

Rockley Photonics to Establish Irish R&D Centre

Taoiseach Varadkar announced joint SFI-Rockley € 3.4 M investment

Hitachi Enters Cooperation with VTT

MoU to collaborate on silicon photonics and optical data transfer components

PIXAPP Advanced Photonic Packaging Training Program

Course covers the key optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects of packaging technologies

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22 – 25 April 2018, Strasbourg, France