NIR Laser Systems for ISS to Monitor Forest Dynamics

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation mission passes final tests

Smart Mirror for a Radiation-Pressure Power Meter

New chip-sized device could help manufacturers measure laser power in real time.

Terahertz Spectroscopy for Single Molecules

New method was sensitive enough to measure the tunneling of a single electron

Evaluating Lidar in Real-World Conditions

Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles

New Sensitive Optical Pressure Sensors

Innovative approach could allow the creation of sensitive artificial skins to give robots a better sense of touch

Enhanced Solar-Blind Photodetector

New UV detector made of galliumoxide nanocrystals in a alumina film on silicon by ion implantation

Time-Folded Optics for Streak Cameras

Time-of-flight camera is able to estimate the depth of the 3-D scene

Precision Imaging Through Flames

A laser detection and ranging system can see 3D-objects melting in fires

Metalattice with Strong Toroidal Dipole Response

The unit cell consists of four rectangular bars made of dielectric materials of moderate contrast

Monitoring Energy Storage with Optical Fibers

The approach is based on an electrochemical surface plasmon resonance optical fiber sensor