Chip-Based Optical Sensor Detects Cancer Biomarker

New technology lays groundwork for biosensors that improve disease diagnosis and monitoring

Sensors Project for Wearables, Consumer Products Concluded

First light sensor with fully integrated optical stack including multiple filters, lenses and an aperture

Optoplasmonic Sensor to Ensure Milk Quality

Unique integrated sensor architecture delivers results in five minutes

Light with Intrinsic Chirality

Synthetic chiral light selectively interacts with one of the two versions of a chiral molecule

Tunable Dyes for Smart Devices

A two-component dye shows self-recovering mechanochromic luminescence with a high-contrast emission color change

Joint Development of Sensor Technology

Zeiss’ investment in Senorics marks the start of a technology collaboration with the sensorics startup

New Active Stereo Vision System Boosts 3D Adoption

AMS combines new projectors, cameras, software to provide a complete, off-the-shelf system for smart phones, HABA and IoT

Coin-Sized Infrared Spectrometer

New device makes use of special waveguides with an optical refractive index that can be adjusted externally via an electric field

Metasurface with Helical Patterns

New device can control optical fields in three dimensions

Combining Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy

New technology will reveal the structures of molecules with increased detail and specificity