Laser Impulses for Battery Development

NextGenBat: six institutes, two years, a budget of ten million euros

Functional Thin-Film Structures for Integrated Radar Sensors

RadarGlass: Three partners are developing a technology for the integration of radar sensors in front headlamps

Inspired by Nature

Project LAMpAS is working on the world record of fabrication throughput for the production of bioinspired surfaces

Thirty-Minute Blood Test to Reduce Sepsis Deaths

RAIS: photonic low-cost point-of-care microarray sepsis detection

Metallic 3D Printing on Track for Automotive Series Production

Joint project IDAM held its kick-off meeting in Munich

For New Possibilities in Diagnostics and Telecommunications

Leibniz IPHT manages European research project for new fiber lasers

Highly Economical LED Street Lights Tested in Practice

Implementation in series under way

Radar Sensors Increase Efficiency of Production and Automation

Compact W-band radar precisely measures positions, spacings, distances, and velocities

Need for Scaling

EU project CALADAN set to overcome scaling limits of today’s manufacturing technology for optical transceivers

Fast Laser Helps Doctors Image Full Eye in 3D

Early and better diagnosis and follow-up treatments help to prevent eye diseases from turning into blindness