Radar Sensors Increase Efficiency of Production and Automation

Compact W-band radar precisely measures positions, spacings, distances, and velocities

Need for Scaling

EU project CALADAN set to overcome scaling limits of today’s manufacturing technology for optical transceivers

Fast Laser Helps Doctors Image Full Eye in 3D

Early and better diagnosis and follow-up treatments help to prevent eye diseases from turning into blindness

Economical Engines Due to Laser-Structured Surfaces

Joint research project “Prometheus” further develops surface technology for lower CO2 emissions

World Record in Laser-Driven Electron Acceleration

Laser-drilling allows the production of electron beams with energetic peaks up to 7.8 GeV

Producing Finest Polymer Structures Faster

Saving time with stereolithography and multiphoton polymerization in one machine

Blue OLED on Silicon Sensor Detects Phosphorescence

Applications ranging from oxygen detection gaseous environments to multi-parameter measurements in liquids

InPulse PIC Pilot Line Kicks Off

European partners started project to accelerate the development of indium phosphide-based PICs

Sofradir, Ulis Invest €150M in French Nano 2022 Program

Five-year investment to develop next-generation infrared detectors

MIREX – a Spectrometer-based Gas Detector

InfraTec supports the development of a new explosion‐proof gas detector for rescue forces