Quasi-Simultaneous Laser Transmission Welding

KTP develops scale-up rules for the quasi-simultaneous joining of thermoplastics

An Efficient Miniaturized Entangled Photon Source for Quantum Computing

Promises ultrafast data encryption with significant market potential in financial, security, medical, and governmental

Solar Cells: Picosecond Lasers Save 20,000 Tons of CO2

Improved CIGS thin film cells production is 10 – 15 % more efficient

ROMY’s Proof of Concept

Novel ring laser provides most precise determination of Earth’s spin and axis orientation

XFloater: Opening up Laser Use in the Rear Part of the Eye

Clear vision – project for safer laser treatment of floaters started

Robust Laser Technology for Climate Satellites

Merlin supposed to do lidar magic, measure atmospheric methane concentrations

Goodbye Absorbers

High-precision laser welding of plastics – project SeQuLas completed

Lightweight Design with Laser

“Selective laser melting contributes to low-emission and resource-efficient mobility“

Efficient Small Series Production for Electromobility

Completion of the research project ProeK

New Laser System to Study Living Deep-Sea Creatures

Monterey researchers use particle imaging velocimetry system on a remotely operated vehicle