Microscopes as Thermometers

A new transparent coating combines thermal imaging and microscopy

Injection of Light Improves Biosensor

New approach guides to high-sensitivity sensors for cancer and other diseases

Processing Glass Like a Polymer

The new material can be milled, turned, laser-machined, or processed in CNC machines

Weighing Molecules With Light

A new light-based measuring technique could transform the ability to characterise biomolecules

Spectroscopy of Levitated Droplets

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy detects elements in a single water droplet

Biomimetic Photonics Avoids Jamming Signals

A neural algorithm of a fish could help to use limited bandwidth more efficiently

Graphene-Based Light Detector

Graphene can detect light of almost any colour and gives an extremely fast electronic response

Photoacoustic 3D-Images of Cancer Cells

Method to visualise cancer cells inside the living body to find out how they function

Phase Change Materials for Tunable Metasurfaces

Material for small infrared filters to measure the quality of air and oil

Optically Controlled Non-Reciprocal Photonic Device

A reconfigurable non-reciprocal device works as either a circulator or a directional amplifier