One-Shot 3D-Imaging of Nanostructures

New microscopy method can quickly generate 3D images of curvilinear structures

Light Changes Shape of Perovskites

Robust and stable photostriction of perovskite for next-generation optoelectronic devices

New Fluorescent Dyes Advance Biological Imaging

Rhodamines molecules can generate nearly any color scientists desire

Metasurfaces Structured Like Butterfly’s Wings

Two types of Si-based metasurfaces to steer visible light to a large deflection angle

Nano-Ink for Glowing Holograms

New approach enables the fabrication of custom holograms by means of a inkjet printer

Quantum Encryption with Structured Photons

High-dimensional quantum cryptography performed in real-world city conditions for first time

A Microscope Within a Microscope

A new way to image structures by putting a fluorescent light microscope within an electron microscope

Holograms for 3D-Images of Tissue

New technology for improved diagnoses of chronic diseases with lens-free microscopes

Microlenses From Spray Cans

Optic switch elements can be constructed from droplets of cyanine dye

3D-Particle-Tracking With an App

Smartphones with 41-megapixel cameras allow state-of-the-art 3D particle tracking