Sharper Images of Quantum Dots

New nanoscope based on STED also works with atoms that have just two energy states

DNA for Optically Active Superlattices

The change in DNA length provides extreme tunability of optical properties

Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers for Tiny 3D-Print Microstructures

New possibilities for advanced microfabrication through endoscopic probes with inexpensive laser sources

More Effi­cient Fre­quen­cy Combs

Pulses of light to en­crypt data and pro­tect secu­rity of crypto­curren­cies

New Glass Shows Switchable Opacity

Nanoscale structures enable smart glass that switches from hazy to clear in presence of water

Optical Microstructures Using Lithium Niobate

An ultralow loss monolithic integrated lithium niobate photonic platform consisting of subwavelength waveguides

Facet Reflectors for On-Chip Lasers

An alternative fabrication scheme for microscale semiconductor lasers beyond conventional silicon

Quantum Dots Emit Extremely Bright Light

Lowest exciton in caesium lead halide perovskites involves a highly emissive triplet state

New Approach to Generate Lasers

Particles with negative mass in a semiconductor interact with confined light in a microcavity

Miniature Super-Iridescent Optics

Nature’s smallest rainbows, created by peacock spiders, may inspire new optical technology