Coupling Photons to Rydberg Atoms

Photon-based quantum logic gates for future quantum computers

Quantum Light From Superlattices

Superfluorescence from perovskite quantum dot superlattices

Protected Biphoton States

A topological design could provide the robustness required for quantum optical circuitry

Trapping Atoms Better with Light

For the first time scientists demonstrated a highly efficient waveguide trap

On-Chip Quantum Emitters

The new device shows a record-high firing of 42 million single photons per second

Quantum Communication Through Optical Fiber

A qubit transmits information on its status at a wavelength of 1,100 nanometers

On-Demand Single Photon Array

Large arrays of room-temperature quantum emitters in two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride

Brightest Source of Entangled Photons

A broadband optical antenna as a highly-efficient entangled-photon source with a yield of 37 % per pulse

Spectroscopy with Entangled Photons

New setup could be an essential component of future quantum spectroscopy experiments

A Microscopic Roundabout for Light

A vibrating glass ring as a a magnet-free optical circulator