New Ways to Twist and Shift Light

Optical ring resonators show the interplay of two types of spontaneous symmetry breaking

Superhighway for the Quantum Internet

New concept for the inline measurement of spatially encoded multiphoton quantum states

Programming Light on a Chip

New approach for photonic quantum information processing and optical signal processing

Strong Interactions Between Light and Sound

Strong-coupling regime between light and high-frequency acoustic vibrations demonstrated

Photonic Chip with Three Components

New device combines quantum dots as single-photon sources, a beamsplitter and two single-photon detectors

Rogue Waves of Light

An algorithm picks out features in the spectra that could predict the emergence of a rogue wave

Brief Reflections from a Plasma Mirror

Plasmas consisting of relativistic electrons are used to generate highly intense attosecond laser pulses

Coupling Photons to Rydberg Atoms

Photon-based quantum logic gates for future quantum computers

Protected Biphoton States

A topological design could provide the robustness required for quantum optical circuitry

Trapping Atoms Better with Light

For the first time scientists demonstrated a highly efficient waveguide trap