Mirrors Improve the Quality of Photons

New method to pave the way for enhanced spin-photon and spin-spin entanglement rates

Optical Wells for a Super-Photon

New approach to control a photonic Bose-Einstein condensate

Single-Photon Emitter for Quantum Info-Processing

First known material for single-photon emission at room temperature and at telecommunications wavelengths

Physicists Design Ultrafocused Pulses

A new simple scheme to theoretically generate arbitrarily short and focused electromagnetic fields

Photons for Space Quantum Communication

Lasertechnology facilitates the adoption in a global truly-secure communication network

Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network

Optical signals from satellite show that equipment in space can be adapted for extremely secure data encryption

Quantum Effect Changes Direction of Light Waves

Quantized magneto-electric effect has been demonstrated for the first time in topological insulators

Quantum Nanoscope Detects Light Ripples

New method to detect electrons surfing the waves of light on graphene

On-Demand Single Photon Emitter

New type of quantum arrays are fully scalable and compatible with silicon chip fabrication

Optomechanical Cavity on a Disk

New device allows better control of interaction between light waves and mechanical waves