Cleanroom Cabinets and Housings of Optical Tables for Contamination Control

Cleanroom cabinets and housings with flow boxes are a very efficient method to protect sensitive high quality products from unwanted contamination and to assure the process reliability of applications. The “Laminar-Flow” is a smooth flow of ultra clean filtered air at equal speed over the protective area and results in a nearly complete control and […]

New Laser Light Source With High Power and Stability

The laser source is available with a large variety of wavelength between 445 nm and 1850 nm with up to 6.6 W optical output power. The compact housing of 100 mm × 40 mm × 40 mm and the external driver electronics allows an easy integration in customer specific systems. The module provides a collimated […]

Specialty Optics and Coatings

The FAC lenses (Fast Axis Collimation) feature beyond-average collimation quality and transmission. Individual solutions adapted to customer systems ensure optimum results and guarantee consistently high quality in both small and large production runs. In addition, the company offers SAC lenses for single emitters and laser diode bars with a wide selection of focal distances and […]

Compact Linear Positioning Stage for Precise Positioning

Just 45 mm wide, the stages combine high forces, high velocity and high positioning accuracy that cannot be achieved using conventional drive principles, such as DC or stepper motors in a similar form factor. The holding force and the maximum feed force are both 8 N, the maximum velocity is 10 mm/s. Since the piezomotor […]