Opto-electronic Testing for VCSEL Lasers on Wafer Level

NanoTest” station with opto-electronic testing for VCSEL type lasers (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) on wafer level. Optical and electrical qualification of VCSELs at the wafer level helps to differentiate well-working lasers from the ones with mediocre performance. In this way, unnecessary processing of low-quality devices is saved early and possible problems during wafer production will be determined.

Advanced Pulse Synchronization Improves Picosecond Laser Micromachining

High-power picosecond laser series “HyperRapid NXT” that employs advanced pulsing technology to enable micromachining with precision and a minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). Specifically, the laser implements Coherent’s “PulseEQ” technology, which delivers strings of synchronous, invariant pulses on demand from an external trigger signal. This jitter-free, precision triggering and advanced energy control enables system builders […]

Faster Detection, Classification And Identification Of Microparticles

Revolutionary particle analysis tool “ParticleScout” for the “alpha300” Raman microscope series. It enables researchers to find, classify, quantify and identify particles quickly and easily and to find correlations between the physical and chemical attributes of particles.

Vibration isolated Optical Tables and Cleanroom Solutions

Customized cleanroom cabinets, housings and tents as well as breadboards, optical tables and table systems.

Belt Radiometer

New “ILT800 UV CureRight” Belt Radiometer that replaces the over decades proven Belt Radiometer “ILT400 / ILT490”. The new “ILT800” Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light measurement needs. The system has been designed with the varying needs of its users in mind, and can be configured and customized to the customer’s unique environment.

High Resolution Beam Profiling Camera with GigE Interface

Ophir “SP920G” GigE Silicon CCD High Resolution Camera designed specifically for industrial laser beam profiling applications.

Quality Control for Fluorescence-based Systems

Innovative fluorescence quality management solution. Since fluorescence-based systems tend to fluctuate from day to day, i. e. due to instable light sources or other effects, they may provide data which are difficult to reproduce. The new device ensures that the instruments provide precise and reliable data.

Reflective Optics for Broadband Performance

“TECHSPEC” Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders (Mark I) for UV, IR, broadband, and ultrafast lasers.

New Tunable Infrared Laser

Infrared Laser “Carmina”, the world’s first tunable infrared laser that covers the entire IR spectrum from 2 µm to 15 µm. In addition, the laser can be operated in two modes with different spectral bandwidths.

New Encapsulated Joints for Hexapods

Encapsulated joints for the compact and flexible Newport “HXP50” hexapod. The newly designed joints are a significant improvement in terms of overall robustness and reliability of the hexapod and are available now at the same price as the previous version.