Chiral Cooling in an Optomechanical System

New kind of Interaction of light with sound in solid state micro-resonators

Fastest X-Ray Flashes Produced

With a duration of 53 attoseconds researchers set a new record for light pulses

Terahertz Laser With More Power

New design boosts the power output of the best-performing chip-scale terahertz laser by 80 percent.

Physicists Design Ultrafocused Pulses

A new simple scheme to theoretically generate arbitrarily short and focused electromagnetic fields

Fast Electrons Radiate Vortex Photons

Basis for vortex photon sources in wavelengths ranging from radio wave to gamma-rays

Lightwave in Super-Slow Motion

High-precision measurement of the wave characteristics of focused, ultra-short light pulses

Retroreflection of Nanostructures

New surfaces covered by a metamaterial consisting of millions of silicon pillars

Coherent Raman Scattering for Fast Molecular-Scale Imaging

With the new method it takes less than a second to acquire lipid orientation information in a large image

Photons for Space Quantum Communication

Lasertechnology facilitates the adoption in a global truly-secure communication network

Transfer of Atomic Mass With a Photon

Simulation as a basis for a standard model of light in a transparent medium