Light from Inside the Tunnel

A so-far overlooked nonlinear optical mechanism that emerges from the light-induced tunneling of electrons

A Temporal Supersymmetry

New approach to designing omnidirectional invisible materials

A New Quantum Radar Prototype

Instead of using conven­tional microwaves, the researchers entangle two groups of photons

Laser Loop Couples Quantum Systems

A novel method in which a laser loop connects the systems over a distance enables nearly lossless exchange of information.

World’s First Super-Chiral Light

Laser opens up a new world of applications using optical control of physical objects.

Photon-Photon Interactions in a Tunable Optical Cavity

Olive oil mediates a dynamic hysteresis measured with the transmission of laser light through a cavity

Ultrafast Switching of Helicity

The helicity of circularly polarized synchrotron radiation can be switched up to a million times faster than before

Super-Planckian Material Exhibits LED-Like Light

The new material could be used for energy harvesting, military infrared-based object tracking and identification

New State of Light

Light can rotate around a transverse axis perpendicular to the direction light travels

Machine Learning for Quantum Optics

AI can reconstruct quantum states from experimental data in the presence of noise